Promoting & Supporting Community Conserved Areas in the L.Victoria Basin (P/SCCA)

The project commenced in 2015 and is supported by both the MacArthur Foundation (USA) and Darwin Initiatives. It is co-implemented with Fauna & Flora International among other partners.

Aims at ensuring the sustainable utilization of ecosystem services and cultural values through supporting the establishment and participatory management of three key Community Conserved Areas (CCA) and improving surrounding communities’ livelihoods. It also foresees conservation of biodiversity by reducing ecosystem degradation, and improving the wellbeing of at least 3,000 households.

Though with a catchment mindset, on ground work is concentrated in Sango Bay-Musambwa Island Rakai District, Makanaga and Mabamba bay wetlands systems of Wakiso District in the Lake Victoria Basin.

Main interventions include; supporting legal fishing practices, CCA identification and conservation, incentivized livelihoods, agro-forestry promotion, sustainable farming promotion and trainings, local resource governance support.