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FORESTS OF THE WORLD (Valuing Forests in Uganda)


The Valuing Forests in Uganda is a project supported by the Forests of the World Denmark whose development objective is to influence decision making for pro-poor national forest policy that contributes to enhanced ecosystem resilience and benefits for all.

Project scope and duration

The project is implemented at national level mainly targeting policymakers in the natural resources sector, civil society organizations engaged in climate change work and environment conservation. In terms of technical scope, the project will engage in capacity building and advocacy around selected topical issues in forest valuation and certification. The project commenced in 2019 December and ends in 2025.

Main Objectives

 To enhance understanding of true values and range of benefits of forests so as to inform appropriate decision making by the government.

Specific Objectives/outcomes of the project

Increased technical capacity and knowledge sharing on forest valuation and certification processes

Enhanced knowledge to support decision making at national and local government level on investments and trade-offs in forest conservation

Enhanced advocacy and lobbying for pro-poor forest policies at national and local community level

Planned activities

Engage local/national radio stations and social media to develop, prepare and feature media products on issues of forest sector and rights

Contribute to the multi-stakeholder National Validation meeting on Forest Policy, Legal and regulatory framework for validating and sharing proposals and recommendations.

Conduct meetings to solicit CSO views on the Agro-forestry Policy

Conduct Youth green dialogues

Facilitate conversations and activities about the role of forests and place in the life stories of young people and support them co-design conceptual green/forest pilot projects for their communities.

Strengthening the Forestry Working Group’s and CAN-U capacity in areas of policy advocacy, research, forests monitoring and management

Advocacy training workshop at Arch Apartments Hotel Ntinda
Advocacy training workshop at Arch Apartments Hotel Ntinda

ECO trained CAN-U members on policy advocacy

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