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Strengthening Resilience and Sustainable resource use for Food, Health and Livelihoods Security of Agro-Fishing and Mining Communities in Uganda

The project supported by Bread for the World is an integrated response towards addressing existing and emerging threats to the vulnerable biodiversity of Karamoja Region and Lake Victoria Basin area and its associated ecosystems, including the threat of increasing population pressures, while supporting community economic and social development.

The project directly targets to reach 38,500 direct beneficiaries and 54,000 indirect beneficiaries in the four districts of Moroto, Nakapiripirit, Mayuge and Kyotera in the sub-counties of Rupa, Tapach, Mourita, Malongo, Jaguzi and Kyebe with support from bread for the world.

Project goal:

To contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and improved wellbeing of vulnerable populations living in and around the mining and fishing areas of Karamoja and the Lake Victoria Basin through integrated multi-sectoral approach.

Project overall objective

To reduce the pressure on natural resources and threats to biodiversity conservation, while at the same time increasing food and livelihoods security and access to reproductive health services. 

Project specific objectives:

  1. Resilience of households strengthened and sustainable food security improved
  2. Capacity of communities to engage in profitable and sustainable nature based enterprises strengthened
  3. Communities access and use reproductive health and family planning services increased.
Nature based enterprises
Bee keeping training

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