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Restoring and conserving degraded fragile ecosystems for improved community livelihoods among the refugee and host communities of West Nile Region and the mid –Albertine Rift (EU).

Overall project objective

Improved livelihoods and eco systems resilience to impacts of refugees and climate change in refugee hosting landscapes.

Specific objectives

To restore degraded forests, wetlands, savannah woodlands and other fragile ecosystems impacted by human activities in refugee hosting districts.

Support landowners in host communities to establish agroforestry enterprises and adapt Sustainable Land.

Build capacity of Local Governments (LG), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), private sector companies and local communities for effective uptake of climate change mitigation and environmental conservation measures.

Project location

The project is focusing on 5 sub counties of Drajini, Kuru (Yumbe), Omugo, Odupi and Bileafe in Terego.

Project target groups

Land owners, vulnerable and special groups (women, elderly, youth, physically handicapped), private sector, local actors (CSOs, NGOs).

Activities being implemented

Woodlot establishment

SLM/Agroforestry livelihoods

Rangeland/woodland management

Restoration of degraded eco systems

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