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Provision of information on published concessions licences and fiscal transfers by MEMD /DGSM

The information on concessions the state has granted in all the seven Districts of Karamoja was shared throughout the quarter with support from Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines and the Moroto and Abim District Mineral Watch Platforms. The   information disbursed related to district specific contracts, lists of companies, maps, types of right/ licenses; status, their acquisition and processing, maps. All fiscal transfers of revenue to the sub-national level that relate to natural resources revenue or extractive activity were also shared.

This enabled ASM, local communities and local leaders to access information about the developments and enhanced their ability to hold license holders (mining companies), government and their respective leaders accountable .For the case of Abim DLG commitments were made by the office of the CAO through the ACAO who pledged to support the two groups of Alerek and Morulem in their application for renewal of their location licenses

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