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Karamoja Extractives & Mineral Sector Transparency & Accountability Project (KEMSTAP 11)

This second phase of KEMSTAP is intended to promote transparency, social inclusion, accountability and responsiveness among duty bearers in the Karamoja mining sector for equitable and sustainable development through strengthened citizens’ voice.

It is supported by the DGF and directly targets active mining areas of Moroto in Rupa, Tapac and Katikekile Sub-Counties and Abim in Morulem & Alerek areas to make an evidence based case.

It also builds on the KEMSTAP 1 lessons and successes and seeks to further fill identified gaps to satisfactory realization of good governance in the mining sector of Karamoja and Uganda at large.

Key interventions include advocating for pro-people and pro-Karamoja context legislations and policies, capacity building of local CSO’s, information sharing, working with the DGSM in reaching out to miners, offering local dialogue and debate platforms, expounding on related rights and demanding for good governance of the sector.