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Background and Context

Ecological Christian Organization (ECO) is a local non-governmental organization registered in Uganda since its inception in 2005, (Registration No: S.5914/5509). Working towards ensuring that the underserved and vulnerable groups in Uganda achieve improved quality of life and sustainable livelihoods, through improved and sustainably managed natural resources. Therefore, aim to promote good governance in the management of natural and public resources through transparency and accountability mechanisms, improve the protection of critical ecosystems while diversifying the livelihood of vulnerable communities depending on these ecosystems, strengthen community based disaster risk management structures and their resilience to the impacts of climate change and promote policy research on topical themes relating to sustainable management of natural resources and climate change.

 ECO in collaboration with WWF-Uganda (WWF UCO) and MEMD is implementing a project “Multi-actor Partnerships (MAP) for implementing NDCs with 100% Renewable Energy (RE) for All”. Among other things, this project has established the MAP platform in Uganda.

The MAP is national level platform whose vision is ‘A future with 100% renewable energy that leaves no one behind in Uganda’ and   comprises of all relevant stakeholders in Uganda, mainly government, civil society and private sector players. It seeks to address the limited level of multi-stakeholder engagement by using a holistic approach to bring together all these stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. The platform will embrace different scenarios that will highlight relevant transition pathways and showcase that 100% RE is feasible and viable. It will further influence and enable policy-makers to develop robust, science-based RE policies. Thus paving a way for long-term RE commitments by relevant stakeholders. One of the ways to actualize its aspiration and goals is to secure financial resources to support MAP activities.

It is against this background that ECO, WWF UCO and MEMD seek the services of a consultant(s) to conduct a result oriented fundraising process for the MAP.

Specific Objectives

  1. Conduct research, development and knowledge management that further supports MAP activities.
  2. Develop a fundraising strategy for the MAP
  3. Develop fundable proposals for MAP interventions/ activities
  4. Facilitate a process that ensures participation of MAP members and other relevant stakeholders. And ensure this process is result oriented.

Scope of work

The consultant must ensure a participatory approach of all relevant stakeholders and with high degree of precision, engagement and innovation to undertake this assignment including:

  • RE funding landscape in Uganda
  • Available funding opportunities and engagement mechanisms
  • Key RE active stakeholders
  • RE Knowledge management systems
  • The consultant will conduct desk research as well as carry out consultations with key stakeholders to generate information aimed at developing a sustainable fundraising approach.
  • The information generated will be presented in a consultative workshop for validation.
  • The consultant will be expected to generate fundable proposals (at least 2) and secure funding for at least one of the proposals

Proposed Methodology

This assignment will involve desk review of review of RE funding processes and opportunities, RE information flow and knowledge management system(s), engagement of MAP members and other relevant stakeholders and ensure options of a result focussed fundraising process.   Where necessary a series of workshops will be organized towards participation of MAP members and other relevant stakeholders.

The consultant will also ensure that this is a capacity building opportunity especially for the MAP members so that they are able to conduct resulted oriented resource mobilisation efforts beyond this period of engagement. The consultant is expected to provide periodic updates to the project team during the assignment but also deliver this assignment within the agreed timelines.

The consultant should be flexible and available to respond to any follow-up question/issues raised during this period to ensure that the planned deliverable of the assignment is met. The consultant is expected to present the inception report one week after the signing of the contract. And this assignment is expected to be finalized within 30 days after the signing of the contract.

He/she will submit hard and/or electronic copies of report/documentation related to this assignment with reports, proposals, diagrams, graphs, charts, illustrations, references, etc. generated during the period.


The deliverables with their corresponding timelines (to be confirmed after discussions with the successful consultant(s)) are presented below:

  • An inception report: should be submitted and discussed with the project team one week after the signing of the contract detailing how the consultant will undertake the assignment.
  • MAP members and other stakeholder Engagement: Engage and build capacity of the MAP members in resource mobilization for RE but also for their involvement and input.
  • RE Fundraising strategy: Through a consultative process develop a fundraising strategy that is RE focused. Detailed potential donors, mode of engagement and probability of securing funding. This strategy should have a clear fundraising matrix for RE and way forward.
  • RE information and Knowledge Management: Establish RE information flow systems & process and recommend best approaches for strategic communication and advocacy.
  • Develop Bankable RE proposals: Develop at least two (2) bankable proposals through a consultative process. At least one should be submitted for supporting MAP activities.
  • Submit the final report and power point presentation for the assignment not later than two (2) weeks after the completion of the assignment.

Qualifications of the consultant

  • The consultant(s) should have a very good understanding of Uganda’s RE sector.
  • The consultant or team should have individuals having relevant academic background with a minimum of at least a master’s Degree in energy with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable resource mobilization.
  • At least five years of experience in handling similar assignments demonstrating results in RE resource mobilization and fundraising.
  • The consultant(s) should have excellent analytical skills, be able to engage stakeholders efficiently and effectively to be able to deliver on the assignment.
  • Excellent oral and writing skills in English as well as computer literacy (Microsoft: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Duration of the assignment

The assignment is expected to be completed by with four (4) weeks from the date of signing of the contract.

Guidelines of Submission

Firms/ individual consultants that wish to express their interest in conducting the assignment are requested to send a proposal in English via email that includes both technical and financial proposals. They can include the following:

  1. An understanding and interpretation of the TOR.
  2. Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment.
  3. Time and activity schedule.
  4. Evidence of relevant experience and deliverables related to the assignment.
  5. Curriculum Vitae of the lead consultant and short CVs of the rest of the team if any.
  6. Financial implication/budget in regards to undertaking the assignment.
  7. Proving information on any member/representative of your team, that may give rise to a direct or indirect conflict of interest- including identifying other current contractual works being conducted for ECO.

Complete proposals should be submitted in pdf format strictly through the following email address info@ecouganda.org  by 21st February, 2022. Any request for clarification should be sent only in writing through the above email and by above stated date.

Eligibility and award of contract

Eligible proposals will be evaluated in strict adherence to the Scoring Criteria detailed below:

 Criterion Score
Understating of scope of work                        10 points
Relevancy and suitability of the proposed methodology                                            50 points
Qualifications, skills, Experience and Evidence of similar assignments                                          30 points
Financial proposal                                                                                      10 points

Please Note:

  1. ECO reserves the right to accept any proposal or reject all proposals.
  2. Technical evaluation will precede financial considerations.
  3. Any forms of canvassing will lead to automatic cancellation of the proposal in question.


Feedback shall only be issued to the successful bidder.  If you don’t receive any feedback from us within two (2) weeks from the deadline of submission, please consider your proposal/application, unsuccessful.  No separate feedback shall be given.


This is a call for proposals only and ECO may cancel the process without notice and shall accept no liability whatsoever, arising out of such action. ECO is also under no obligation whatsoever to award to the contract to the lowest or any bidder; the decision of the Procurement Committee shall be final.  By submitting a proposal, you impliedly accept to abide by the terms spelt out in this clause.