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Karamoja Mining Governance(KMG)

Karamoja Mining Governance (KMG) Project

Supported by the DGF fund and targeting both national and Karamoja stakeholders, KMG is a three-year project aimed at promoting the extractive sector of Uganda that is governed in more participatory, equitable and sustainable ways.

Overall Objective: To promote good governance in the minerals sector in Karamoja region-Uganda that ensures accountability, contributes to inclusive and sustainable growth and development, and protects human rights.

Specific objectives:

  1. Legal and policy frameworks to effectively support sustainable management of the mining sector and safeguard interests of local communities strengthened.
  2. The capacity and collective action of the local communities to effectively engage and influence decisions related to mining extractives is strengthened.
  3. The capacity of the local government and CSO actors in advocating for accountability and protecting human rights in cases related to extractive mining sector is strengthened

[bg_collapse view=”button-blue” color=”#4a4949″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Project location & Target group: This project will be implemented at both national (Kampala) and regional (in Karamoja) level-where it will target five districts of Abim, Amudat, Nakapiripirit, Moroto & Kaabong). The project targets the local citizenry in the above districts, the District Mineral Watch Platforms (DMWP), local CSOs and CBOs working in the target districts, local/national government (Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines) and private mining companies. The project will also benefit the general population in Karamoja and the entire mining districts in Uganda who will benefit mainly from the favorable changes in the legal and regulatory reforms of the mining sector.[/bg_collapse]


Final RIA Report
The Draft Mining and Mineral Bill, 2019, 12th June, 2019

What we will be doing to drive change?

  1. Advocacy engagements
  2. Policy influence
  3. Mobilization and awareness campaigns
  4. Consultative dialogues
  5. Capacity building

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