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Elimination of Child Labour in mining in Bugiri and Moroto Districts (ECLM)

Elimination of Child Labour in mining in Bugiri and Moroto Districts (ECLM)

The ECLM is a two years Advocacy project implemented by ECO funded by Tere des hommes (TDH-NL) as a continuation of the Stopping Child Exploitation through Education and livelihood (SCEEL) project that ended 2018.

Overall Objective: To contribute to the progressive elimination of child labour in Uganda

Project target stakeholders:

Communities, Boys, girls, men, women, local, cultural and religious leaders, teachers

Government, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Bugiri and Moroto district Local Government, Police Child and Family Protection Unit.

CSOs, CBOs, FBOs and NGOs working on child protection and women empowerment

Private sector, Mining companies, hotels, bars, lodges, bodaboda associations, Radio stations

Project Location and target groups.

The project is implemented at both National (engagement with the ministries) and subnational level in the districts of Bugiri and Moroto, In Bugiri the project focuses on Budhaya sub county in the mining areas of Budde, Kimasa, Muterere and Mayuge while in Moroto it is implemented in Rupa sub county with advocacy activities targeting the leadership of the Districts.

The projects aims at creating a conducive and protective environment for the children without exploitation through.

  • Government developing, reviewing and providing budget for implementation of laws and National Action plans aimed at elimination of child labour
  • Private sector developing and implementing child protection policies that protect children from exploitation at the work place and their supply chain as well protecting girls and young women from GBV
  • CSOs, working together and networking to hold Government and Private sector accountable to the protection of children
  • Communities’ publically condemning child labour, identifying, reporting and following up cases of exploitation as well as developing alternative positive behaviour for the protection of children.

Planned activities

  • Conduct multistakeholder dialogues
  • Support development of child protection ordinances
  • Support review of the mining and minerals bill
  • Community awareness
  • Support children through the SCREAM methodology