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Commitment by the district and local leaders to fight child labour

A training on roles and responsibilities for district stakeholders and local leaders took place on February 28th 2017 at Rapona hotel in Moroto and was attended by around 20 participants including ECO staff. The training focused on understanding the concept of child labour, the national and international legal framework on child labour, rights of a child, roles and responsibilities of…Read More→

Advocating against child Labour in mining

Over this period of February to March taskforce members from Rupa and Katikekile were able to periodically carry out community awareness and conduct inspection and monitoring activities in the mining areas of Rupa and Katikekile sub counties .These taskforce members were supported by ECO staff, the Moroto district labour officer and the district probation officer. The taskforce members were led…Read More→

Provision of information on published concessions licences and fiscal transfers by MEMD /DGSM

The information on concessions the state has granted in all the seven Districts of Karamoja was shared throughout the quarter with support from Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines and the Moroto and Abim District Mineral Watch Platforms. The   information disbursed related to district specific contracts, lists of companies, maps, types of right/ licenses; status, their acquisition and processing, maps….Read More→

Legal literacy done among the mining communities

Legal caravans to facilitate legal literacy training and legal clinics were conducted within the mining areas in Moroto and Abim districts targeting people living within the mining areas/sites. These caravans covered issues regarding the mining policy, mining law & regulations, mineral related rights, access to justice avenues. Information on free legal aid services and information was provided to community members…Read More→

Transparency and accountability in Karamoja’s Extractives Sector

Our passion has always been ensuring that the mining sector in Karamoja and Uganda at large benefits all. To achieve this ECO throughout this first quarter of the year provided platforms for debate and dialogue between different multi stakeholder groups; ASM, local governments, private companies, central governments and communities in Moroto and Abim districts. ECO also continuously empowered communities on…Read More→