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Vision & Mission

Eco’s Vision

Improved quality of life and sustainable livelihoods for the underserved and vulnerable groups while building a sustainable future

ECO’s Mission

To engage and empower under served communities and vulnerable groups to discover and overcome the major challenges facing society and nature while protecting their rights and dignity for sustainable development.

ECO’s Goal

To harness the great potential and efforts of local communities to take the lead in planning, implementing and evaluating effective and sustainable development programmes.


To promote gender parity in the sustainable management of natural resources in Uganda.

To promote good governance in the management of natural and public resources through transparency and accountability  mechanisms in Uganda.
To improve the protection of critical ecosystems while diversifying the livelihoods of vulnerable communities depending on      these ecosystems in Uganda.
To strengthen community based disaster risk management structures and their resilience to the impacts of climate change.
To promote policy research on topical themes relating to sustainable management of natural resources and climate change.