Water, Water Everywhere, nor Any Drop to Drink; an old tale still current By Juliet Katusiime Zizinga This line from the “Rhime of an ancient mariner” of 1797-8 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, is as old as it is current. The discussions on water resources have for long taken a so technical path that we have

Kosoroi a small town in Tapac sub county in Moroto district is now a well-known limestone deposit for Tororo cement one of the leading cement manufacturers in the East African region. Kosoroi is also a home to fearless, powerful women in mining and Alice Loumo is no stranger to mining in her village. On the

Regina Teko 67 happily welcomes us into her homestead and quickly dashes inside the house gets us a bench and offers us to sit down. Again she adds that she prefers sitting on her favorite animal skin which she hurriedly puts down on sandy surface in her compound and sits down. She gently looks at